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Sparkle in Chanel


Sparkle in Chanel


Student invited his girlfriend at a party, where five his friends awaited. They made the girl drunk, filled her with drugs, and then - severely gang raped her. They were raping her whole day long. After they tired of it, they threw the girl out in the street.

Gang rapists made photo and video of their crime. They found it amusing to start posting this inhumane materials in russian social networks as Vkontakte etc. They even put the rape video on YouTube (for now it is deleted).

And as if that was not enough, after the girl applied to police claiming rape, they stroke a bullying campaign against her. Hundreds of thousands of russian boys and girls, knowing about what has happened only from the rapists’ words, started victimblame the raped girl. They even created communities, claiming for the girl to be punished and for the rapists’ - to be freed. 

And what about the rapists? They joked on their profiles Vkontakte on what they have done. They got all the support they need: their families support, money, lawers advices. They looked like they know they’re not going to be jailed not now or ever. And what about the girl? She was frightened and threatened by the bullies and their friend just like her mother. They did their best to make her refuse the rape claim.


Because here, in Russia, people don’t believe that women’s bodies belong to women. Because a woman must be a slave to a man, and if a man rapes a woman, it’s only her fault. And if she is bold or desperate enough to go to the police, people will turn their back on her. Because they believe that a rape is only a victim’s fault. Especially if a victim is a woman.

From Russian feminist community we speak to the world, to every single one it may concern: please, don’t let this terrible crime be forgotten. Don’t let bullies ruin a sixteen years old girl’s life. Please, help this girl and every girl and woman in Russia, which can be raped and then blamed for this. Repost this article and make the wolrd know that is happening here.


James Gunn and Oreo (Rocket Raccoon)

"You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people."

I was tagged by @raisegallifrey.

1. Kakkmaddafakka – No Song
2. The Smiths – There’s A Light That Never Goes Out
3. Swans – Mother of the World
4. Oomph! – Ich Will Deine Seele
5. Depeche Mode – Should Be Higher
6. Kings of Convenience – Rule My World
7. Summoning – Of Pale White Morns And Darkened Eves
8. Shining – Tillsammans Är Vi Allt 
9. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – Bad Reputation
10. Bon Iver – Woods

I won’t tag anyone cos I definitely won’t be able to check out your answers (my internet speed is so low, i had to wait for about 20 minutes just to download my dashboard). Though I’d like to. 





#defeats the dark lord #still scared stiff by angry women #harry fucking potter everyone

one of his best friends is hermione granger and he’s dating ginny “bat bogey hex” weasley why shouldn’t he be scared of angry women

plus when someone as calm and zen as luna yells at you, you know shits gonna go down


Summer Movie List — 17 / ? → All About Eve [1950]

"Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night."


*pretends to understand the movie reference you just made*

13 year old: I'm so old and cool!! I'm gonna be able to do so much in 3 years when I'm 16! Look how old and cool I am!! I'm not a child!! I can do everything on my own!
17 year old: I am very much a child and I am very scared about what my life is gonna be in the next few years someone please make me grilled cheese and tomato soup so i can sob into it